Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Montgomery Advertiser Commentary - The 100th Day

Check out my latest op-ed on the Gulf Oil Spill. It was published in the Montgomery Advertiser on the 100th Day of the disaster. Here is an excerpt:

"In some places the effects may not be obvious for a year or two. Because of the toxicity and the oxygen deprivation caused by the spill in the waters right now, whole generations of fish, crabs and shrimp will be impacted this year, next year and beyond. Life in the Gulf as we know it, our estuaries, the beaches and wildlife will change, in some cases disappear altogether. Whole links in the food chain are broken."

Read the entire commentary here

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BEN - July 27, 2010 #331

Bama Environmental News – BEN
July 27, 2010 #331

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Mobile Register’s Editorial – A Call to Rally Behind Our Coast

Transit in Alabama by Southern Environmental Law Center’s Gil Rogers and Keith Johnston

Energy Efficiency and Prisons by Richard Allen, Department of Corrections

LWCF & Fairy Houses by BEN Publisher Pat Byington


Glynn Wilson’s Locust Fork News Journal Archive of BP Oil Spill Articles/Videos

Daily Oil Spill Articles

AWF Awarded Grant for Migratory Bird Habitat Incentives

Forever Wild – Forever Wild has added 535 acres to the Walls of Jericho

Huntsville’s Green 13 – Huntsville’s 101 page Sustainability Blueprint

Lt. Governor Jim Folsom’s Campaign has pledged to donate a portion of his campaign contributions to plant trees around the state

Lee County’s TK Davis Justice Center Solar Project

Little River State Forest in Atmore Threatened Closure


John Wathen’s Citizen Journalism – The Power of YouTube

Bioblitz! Conservation Photographers and Big Canoe Creek

Bill Gates Speech on Climate

Country Music Artist Marlee Scott’s Gulf Coast Visit


State of the Bay – July 29th 5:30pm at the Delta Fish House on the Causeway

Black Warrior Riverkeeper and Hurricane Creekeeper Unite – August 12 @ Museum of Natural History, University of Alabama

ARA & AEC Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Series – August 19, 5:30, Birmingham

Land Trust of Huntsville and North Alabama’s Moon Over Three Caves Dance – September 18 in Huntsville.

Cahaba River Society “Fry- Down” – September 25, 10:00am to 4:00pm

AWF and Walmart – Help Raise $100,000 for Nature Education