Thursday, June 20, 2013

BEN - June 20, 2013 #413

BEN Picks

Colors of the Coosa - June 22nd in Springville

"Songs, Spirits and Stories" Camp McDowell Environmental Center Fundraiser - June 27th in Birmingham

Alabama Rivers Alliance Water Management Planning Symposium - June 28 in Huntsville

Alabama Rivers Alliance Friend-raiser - June 28th in Huntsville

The Green Register News -

37 National Parks, 37 Junior Ranger Badges

Infographic: Tennessee Wins Solar Jobs Smackdown Over Alabama

Newk's Restaurant Reduces Lighting Bills by 90%

Alabama News & Commentary

Alabama Environmental Council: Glass Recycling Returns to Birmingham

Red Mountain Park: Red Mountain Park Teams Up With Wells Fargo and Alabama Forestry Commission (Slideshow)

NPR: Gulf Coast States Get Creative with BP Monies (audio)

Dauphin Island Sea Lab: Manatees Begin Migration to Alabama Waters And the sign said Jobs, Jobs, Jobs - Twinkle

Tuscaloosa News: Why Do Turtles Cross the Road

Tuscaloosa News (Robert Dewitt): Oil Spill's Effect Are Still Around Today BSC Students Help Turkey Creek Preserve Become More Energy Efficient (Slideshow)

Four Alabama Trails Receive National Designation