Friday, September 08, 2006

Losing Open Spaces....

The U.S. Forest Service has recently released an impressive 50 page report titled "Cooperating Across Boundaries - Partnerships to Conserve Open Space in Rural America." Some of the finding in the report include:

* Rate of open space loss in the United States per day, in acres - 6,000

* Rate of open space loss per minute, in acres - 4

* Open space loss to development between 1992 to 1997 in square miles - 24,000 square miles, the size of West Virginia.

* Open space projected to be developed by 2020 in square miles - 100,000 square miles, the size of California.

* Amount of private forestland lost to development from 1982-1997, in acres: 10 million.

* Net amount of forest projected to be developed from 1997 to 2030, in acres: 26 million.

The report also includes case studies and potential policy initiative to help address this important conservation issue. To access the report, go to -

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