Friday, October 29, 2010

Higher Ground Roasters Gives Thousands to Alabama Groups

Alabama's Higher Ground Roaster's promotes (on their own product!) and contributes to many environmental and local non-profit organizations. In the past few years, the company has given over $50,000 to the following 17 organizations.
1. Appalachian Trail Conference 
2. Black Warrior Riverkeeper 
3. Alabama Rivers Alliance 
4. Alabama Environmental Council 
5. War On Hunger 
6. Freshwater Land Trust 
7. Aids Alabama 
8. Jones Valley Urban Farm 
9. Cahaba River Society 
10. Literacy Council of AL 
11. Access Fund 
12. Tenn. Org Growers Assoc 
13. Southern Environmental Center 
14. Alabama Blues Project 
15. Greater B'ham Humane Society 
16. Mercy Corps International
17. The Wilderness Society (added this Summer)

Check out this wonderful company out of Leeds, Alabama and the good works they do at:

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