Monday, April 04, 2011

April 4, 2011 #352

Tree Art in Downtown Mobile

Special in this Edition: Watercress Darter Festival, Birmingham News Pro-Forever Wild Editorial, Forever Wild Passes Senate Committee, Coastal Environmental Leaders Lobby Congress, EPA Reinstating Tougher Air Quality Standards, Solar Power Cut Costs at Lee County Justice Center

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Op-eds, Links and Videos

"Heart and Soul" of EEAA Environmental Educator Jeff Hughes Passes Away

Conservation Alabama's March 28th Hot List (Legislative Priorities){8E4DA6E2-1A16-43DE-9136-81711C3678F5}/uploads/{5C1BFF1B-E67A-482A-907A-29764D341E9E}.PDF

Watercress Darter Festival (video)

NatureServe Climate Vulnerability Index

Birmingham News Pro-Forever Wild Editorial

Environmental Organizations - Profiles

Weeks Bay Foundation -

Lookout Mountain Conservancy -

Landmark Park -

News Across Alabama

Forever Wild Passes Senate Committee

Coastal Environmental Leaders Lobby Congress

EPA Reinstating Tougher Air Quality Standards

Coldwater Mountain to Receive Bike Trail Funds

Solar Power Cut Costs at Lee County Justice Center

Wild South Roosevelt-Ashe Winners

Spring Events/Workshops/Job Announcements & Grants

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