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Weeks Bay Foundation Seeking Gulf Resilient Communities Coordinator

Position Description:

The Gulf Resilient Communities Regional Training Coordinator is a one year, full-time, grant-funded contract position that will be housed at the Weeks Bay Foundation office in Fairhope, Alabama. The training coordinator will work with the Gulf Coast National Estuarine Research Reserves’ (NERRs) Coastal Training Programs (CTP) in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas to link the coastal community resilience goals of the NERRs and NOAA’s Coastal Storms Program with the training and information needs of local communities.  Additionally, the coordinator will work with NERR CTPs to engage five communities along the Gulf Coast on the topic of coastal storm preparedness and resilience through the use of the Coastal Resilience Index (CRI) and the organization and facilitation of resilience related trainings based on community needs. This project will engage local communities, raise awareness about the NOAA Coastal Storms Program, and result in activities that improve the resilience of the communities adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico. This position will be grant funded for one year. At a minimum, the Gulf Regional Training Coordinator will be expected to: 

A) Identify at least five (5) target Gulf Coast communities who would benefit from completing the CRI self-assessment tool and work with them to complete the assessment;
B) Promote the use of and train Gulf Coast communities to utilize the StormSmart Coasts national network.
C) Participate in the Gulf of Mexico Alliance Coastal Community Resilience Priority Issue Team.
D) Present and/or publish outcomes of work at relevant meetings and conferences to disseminate best practices 
E) Identify opportunities to provide professional decision-maker training on coastal resilience topics to Gulf Coast communities who have completed the CRI;
F) Conduct a minimum of four (quarterly) conference calls with the project Steering Committee to identify project related outcomes and activities from all five NERRS and discuss plans for upcoming events and activities;
G) Maintain a website for the project to advertise project status, meetings, trainings, post results of trainings, and outcomes; 
H) Participate in and travel to meetings as required and perform other tasks as needed.
I) Work with Weeks Bay Foundation staff to manage project budget and prepare regular progress reports.
In the short term, the Regional Resilience Coordinator will assist communities to identify their individual needs for increased resilience to storms, disasters and a changing climate through the use of the CRI. The CRI self-assessment is completed in a facilitated environment by community leaders in multiple disciplines, including: elected officials, floodplain managers, emergency managers, local planners, fire departments, chambers of comers, local utilities, community groups and others. This inclusive collaborative approach ensures the capacity for addressing long-term resilience and adaptation is increased across jurisdictional levels. Results of the proposed activities will not only increase hazard awareness, but will be applied by each community to improve governmental and management decisions related to long-term resilience and adaptation planning. 
This project will continue to build a methodology for conducting training consistently across the Gulf States that provides science-based information to coastal decision-makers. This model for sharing successful strategies from location to location will involve local communities in a meaningful way. The five NERRS on the Gulf Coast (Mission-Aransas in Texas, Grand Bay in Mississippi, Weeks Bay in Alabama, Apalachicola and Rookery Bay in Florida) will host most of the workshops at their facilities and other locations in coastal counties within their regions of service. The workshops will require coordination with and/or training by NOAA partners such as the Coastal Storms Program, Sea Grant Programs, Coastal Services Center, Gulf Coast Service Center and other NOAA programs that are involved with Alliance support.  Other partners such as the National Estuary Programs in Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida may also collaborate on workshops to expand the geographic scope of the audiences and communities reached.

Required Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree in environmental science, environmental policy, environmental studies, environmental psychology or environmental education, land use or conservation planning, marine or coastal science or policy, communication, a related field or commensurate experience;

Excellent communication and organizational skills including the ability to translate science for professionals and non-scientists including coastal decision-makers; 

Proficiency in computer programs such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel; and a willingness to participate in the development and management of internet resources such as a homepage for the program;

Experience and skills with working with diverse audiences including facilitation and outreach experience; 

Ability to organize meetings, events, workshops and/or conferences, including program evaluation and project management experience;

General knowledge of coastal issues, science and/or policy;

Ability to work with limited direct supervision while accommodating the preferences and direction from off-site coordinators with whom he/she will be working regularly;

Valid driver’s license, with three year clean driving record; and 

Ability to travel within and out of state.

Preferred Qualifications:

A Master’s degree in environmental science, environmental policy, environmental studies, environmental psychology or environmental education, land use or conservation planning, marine or coastal science or policy, communication, a related field; 

Experience and skills related to web development and management including but not limited to graphical design, coding, multimedia resources, and search engine optimization (SOE) protocol;

Advanced knowledge of coastal resilience issues, science, and/or policy; and

Previous experience working with agencies and organizations in close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, such as the Gulf of Mexico Alliance.

Preference will be given to candidates who are located near (or are willing to re-locate to) the Fairhope area.

Physical Requirements: 

Moderate Work: May frequently exert force equivalent to lifting up to approximately 25 pounds and/or occasionally exert force equivalent to lifting up to approximately 50 pounds.  These physical requirements are not exhaustive, and additional job related physical requirements may be added to these by individual agencies on an as needed basis. Corrective devices may be used to meet physical requirements. These are typical requirements; however, reasonable accommodations may be possible. 

Salary Range: $40,000-50,000 commensurate with experience

The Gulf Alliance Regional CTP Coordinator will work at Weeks Bay Foundation under supervision by the Weeks Bay and Grand Bay CTP coordinators. The job will require frequent in and out of state travel. The position is a contract position beginning immediately with funding for at least one year with the possibility of
three years and will be subject to all standard requirements for employment. In addition to salary based upon experience, a stipend is provided for benefits and other fringe. 

How to Apply: 

Send resume including employment history with a description of prior paid and non-paid job-related work experience; education including high school, date of diploma or GED; college/university - major(s), type and year of degrees received; any other degrees or certificates; and a minimum of three references, at least one of which is from your professional experience.
Candidates are encouraged to provide supplemental information in their experience statements and cover letter which will be taken into consideration in the selection process.
Applicants will receive notification that their application has been received.

Submit resume, three references and a cover letter of interest to: 

Walter C. Ernest, IV
Executive Director
Weeks Bay Foundation
11401 US Hwy 98
Fairhope, AL 36532

Or email to
Applications must be postmarked or emailed by March 15, 2012.
The Weeks Bay Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and will fill positions without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, or handicap.  

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