Friday, April 06, 2012

Camp McDowell Seeking Environmental Educators

Position Open: Environmental Education Instructors

Company Profile:
McDowell Environmental Center provides hands-on, outdoor environmental
education classes to school groups, grades 4-8. The Center's mission is:
To connect people to the environment, teach respect for the Earth and
its beings and promote a commitment to lifelong learning.

Position Description:
Share our 1,100+ acres of secluded forests, waterfalls and canyons in
northwest Alabama with groups of 10-12 students. Work with the students
to foster a sense of community as well as an appreciation, understanding
and responsibility for the environment. The students come from a
variety of backgrounds and visit for 3-5 days.

Teach hands-on classes out-of-doors, i.e., forest ecology, pond &
stream, earth science, map & compass, Native Americans, canoeing,
low and high ropes. Adapt lesson plans to match your teaching style.
Assist with program development. Lead recreation and evening programs
twice a week, i.e., field games, arts & crafts, campfire program,
night hike, live animals.

Starting at $250 per week + room and board. Positions run late August -
December and January - May. Single occupancy rooms. Amenities include a
kitchen, living room, laundry, free long-distance calls, and screened
porch complete with rocking chairs.

Demonstrated respect and affinity for children and a desire to help
them learn in an outdoor environment. Enthusiasm, maturity, initiative,
sense of humor, flexibility and team spirit. Familiarity with the
outdoors. College degree. Certifications in CPR and First Aid.
Background check.

Check out our website at

To Apply: Mail resume, cover letter and references to Maggie Johnston, For information, call (205) 387-1806.

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