Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Newspaper Editorial Responses to ADEM Draft Plan

As chair of the Environmental Management Commission's Strategic Planning Committee, I welcome editorial support for the draft strategic plan. Here are the latest newspaper editorial excerpts on the subject.


Huntsville Times

"Challenge for ADEM"

If there was ever a time when Alabama had to sacrifice and degrade its natural resources in order to provide for a sufficient economy, that time has long passed. Today, Alabamians want and deserve an agency that protects human health and the places, urban or rural, where people live and raise their children.

The Times urges the Environmental Management Commission to approve the proposed long-range strategic plan and dispel once and for all the idea that Alabama has its doors wide open to polluters and environmental ruin. Could any sensible person really want something different?

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Times Daily - Florence

"Raising the Bar"

If the Alabama Environmental Management Commission votes to adopt a long-range strategic plan submitted by a standing committee of the commission, the state could become one of the nation's premier examples of how not only to protect the environment, but to run a regulatory agency.

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Montgomery Advertiser

"Strategic Plan Pushes Laudable ADEM Agenda"

Simply put, Alabama needs to do a better job of protecting its air, land and water, striking a responsible balance between the needs of modern society and the proper care for the fundamental resources that sustain us all. A strategic plan for the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, proposed by a subcommittee of the commission which oversees ADEM, is a major step in that direction.

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