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Alabama Land Trust Seeking Watershed Coordinator

The Alabama Land Trust, Inc. is seeking a highly motivated and organized individual to serve full-time as the Choccolocco Creek Watershed Coordinator. The Watershed Coordinator will work under the supervision of ALT’s Director of Land Protection to support ALT’s Choccolocco Creek Conservation Corridor Program (CCCC) and will be ALT’s primary staff responsible for serving the Choccolocco Creek Watershed Alliance (CCWA). The CCWA is a non-advocacy group of stakeholders which is focused on implementing strategies to improve, protect, and promote the Choccolocco Creek watershed. ALT’s Coordinator’s primary responsibility will be to work with CCWA members and partners to accomplish CCWA’s goals and objectives. As the support staff for the CCCC program, the Coordinator will participate in the planning, initiation and completion of land protection strategies in the project area, as well as participate in the monitoring of protected lands along Choccolocco Creek. An ideal candidate is an outgoing person familiar with the communities along Choccolocco Creek who has experience with natural resource preservation and outreach. Salary is commensurate with experience.

Choccolocco Creek Watershed Coordinator—Job Description

Reports to Director of Land Protection for Alabama
Area of Operation:
ALT’s Choccolocco Creek Conservation Corridor Project Area.
General Skills:
·       Outgoing and energetic personality; ability to communicate with a variety of people.
·       Experience organizing meetings, events, workshops and/or conferences.
·       Familiarity with watershed coordination and educational outreach
·       Excellent written and verbal communication skills
·       Assist in day-to-day management of land protection projects.
·       Travel 30-60% throughout the Choccolocco Creek watershed.
·       Working knowledge of the ecology of Northeast Alabama and familiarity with GPS.
·       Represent ALT and CCWA in the community and to the staff.

Choccolocco Creek Watershed Alliance
·       ALT’s Coordinator for the Watershed Alliance
o      Participates in the planning and execution of events in accordance with CCWA Guiding Principles and CCWA Implementation Plan.
§       CCWA’s vision is to “Develop a consolidated stewardship effort comprised of informed stakeholders of Choccolocco Creek with a common interest in implementing strategies to improve, protect and promote the watershed.”
§       The Coordinator serves as the primary staff person responsible for planning events approved by CCWA members.
o      Serve as chair of the CCWA events committee
§       Organize meetings, prepare agenda, host and take minutes of events committee meetings. Provide agenda and summary of meeting to CCWA Co-Chairs for distribution to other members.
§       Report on CCWA events committee activities and plans at regularly held CCWA meetings.
o      Serve as ALT’s representative at CCWA meetings and events
§       Attend and participate in all CCWA meetings and events, provide minutes and/or summary of meetings and events to ALT Director of Land Protection.
o      Assist CCWA Co-Chairs in preparing for regularly held CCWA meetings
§       Secure meeting locations as needed, assist in preparing agendas and other materials as needed

Choccolocco Creek Conservation Corridor
·       Conservation Planner for multiple land protection projects (conservation easement transactions)
o      Seek out and schedule meetings with landowners to support the objectives of the Choccolocco Creek Conservation Corridor program.
§       The Choccolocco Creek Conservation Corridor is a program which targets the protection of Choccolocco Creek’s floodplain through conservation easement acquisition or other means of protection.
o      Perform research necessary for conservation easement drafting.
o      Manage/Coordinate with landowners and their attorneys, appraisers, surveyors, and other necessary players to complete protection projects consistent with Land Trust SOP.
o      Complete transaction project files for review, coordinate closings, and record conservation easements in the Area of Operation.
·    Program Support/Administrative
o    Maintain working project files
o    Prepare and track invoices as required
o    Assist ALT Director of Land Protection with preparing quarterly reports and other reports as required.
·       Annual Monitoring
o      Participate in the annual monitoring of protected properties as instructed.
o      Discuss property conditions and maintain landowner relationships through annual site visit contact.
o      Monitor properties, taking notes, GPS points and photos.
o      Write reports for each site visit on deadline consistent with Land Trust SOP, get approval from supervisor, and file accordingly.
·       Reserved Rights requests/Amendments
o      Manage and respond to reserved rights and easement amendment requests by landowners of protected properties throughout Area of Operation.

How to Apply:

Submit resume, three references, a cover letter and at least one writing sample to:

Josh Holmes
Director of Land Protection, AL
Alabama Land Trust, Inc.
226 Old Ladiga Road
Piedmont, AL 36272

Deadline for Applications: 8April2012

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