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University of West Alabama Goes Green

Here is some great environmental news from the University of West Alabama.  

The university is the first institution of higher education in Alabama to sign a green certification agreement.

March 13, 2011
Contact: Betsy Compton

UWA joins TIOS as first higher education partner for green certification

LIVINGSTON, Ala.— The University of West Alabama has announced a partnership
with The Institute of Sustainability, a green certification agreement to further
the University’s ongoing efforts to promote environmental awareness and

TIOS holds as its mission the ability to help businesses adopt environmental
practices that are sustainable as well as profitable, and to educate their
employees on personal sustainability measures. The organization achieves its
mission by helping businesses enrolled in the program implement sustainable
business practices developed by government agencies, trade associations and
adopted by leading green cities.

“We are excited to lead the charge in improving university and business
sustainability practices in the state of Alabama,” said UWA President Richard D.
Holland. TIOS Chairman Douglas Moore says UWA’s green certification agreement is
the organization’s first higher education partnership in the state.

“The University of West Alabama is taking a critical leadership role in
improving sustainable business practices for the state of Alabama,” said Moore.
“President Holland and his team are working with TIOS consultants to improve
sustainable measures on campus in critical areas such as waste reduction, energy
efficiency, water efficiency, pollution prevention, sustainable procurement, and
transportation,” Moore explained.

Perhaps the most critical element in the sponsorship lies in the sustainable
vendor program. UWA is working with TIOS to help all 1,300 the institution’s
vendors become green certified.

The TIOS certification process helps identify opportunities for more sustainable
operation at the University campus. Equally important, the program allows
participating universities to educate vendors on improved operational measures
that will reduce each company’s carbon footprint.

Dr. Lee Stanton leads UWA’s sustainable certification effort along with Robert
Stansfield of TIOS. Stanton is an assistant professor of biological and
environmental services and also serves as director of the Black Belt
Conservation and Research Institute.

“In addition to identifying ways we can improve campus operations to become more
sustainable, UWA has also made it a priority to lend support in establishing a
recycling center for the City of Livingston,” Stanton said. Through a recent
collaboration with the City, UWA was able to help secure substantial funding for
a citywide sustainability effort.

“Working closely with Mayor Tom Tartt, UWA helped write and submit a grant to
the Alabama Department of Environmental Management for $259,850 to establish a
recycling center that will accept paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum for the
residents of Livingston and UWA, thereby reducing costs associated with solid
waste disposal,” Stanton explained.

To learn more about sustainability initiatives at UWA, contact Dr. Lee Stanton
at 205-652-3415 or 
For more information on The Institute of Sustainability and their certification program
please contact Doug Moore at

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